Açaí Bowl with Ubaya Açaí Powder

Used in this recipe:

Frutaê Acai Frozen Pulp 400g (4x100g)


Enjoy this delightful Tapioca Pudding with Tapioca Ubaya, a traditional dessert with a special twist!


2 tablespoons of Ubaya açaí powder

1 ripe banana

1/2 cup of mixed berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries)

1/4 cup of granola

1 tablespoon of honey or agave syrup

1/2 cup of coconut water or almond milk

Sliced fresh fruits for topping (e.g., banana, strawberries, kiwi)

Chia seeds or shredded coconut for garnish (optional)


In a blender, combine the Ubaya açaí powder, ripe banana, mixed berries, and coconut water or almond milk. Blend until you achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.

Pour the açaí mixture into a bowl.

Top the açaí bowl with granola, sliced fresh fruits, chia seeds or shredded coconut (if using), and drizzle with honey or agave syrup.

Your nutritious and delicious açaí bowl is ready to be enjoyed!


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